Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Old and crappy" or "Old and crabby" decide!!

A funny story from today.........while driving my oldest son to middle school for his two classes that he takes there each day (an elective period and band) I was listening to an "oldies" station on the radio and singing along.  Thinking I was talking to him, my oldest son asked me what I had said.  I replied that I was singing along to a song from my youth, pointing out that although I am an "old crabby" mom now, I did at one point in time actually HAVE a youthful period.  ha!  He promptly assured me that I wasn't "crappy".  He said, "You might get old someday, but you'll never be crappy."  I realized at that point that he had misunderstood me the first time and thought I was calling myself "crappy" not "crabby".  What a hoot!!  I told him that I had actually said "crabby" and asked if he thought that moniker fit since he wasn't willing to describe me as "crappy."   Long pause...........crickets...........(he's an honest boy for the most part)..........  Finally, ""  I let him off the hook and told him I know that I can be crabby at times (can't we all?) and it's okay to actually admit it!  Just a funny little story that I wanted to share and remember. 

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