Perhaps you are wondering where in the world I came up with the title for this blog.  Or maybe you clicked over here to find out a bit more about me.  I think explaining the title will adequately answer both questions.  Since I'm a bit of a rambler, I'll begin with the backstory.

I've been blogging off and on since 2008.  I started blogging to document my journey into Montessori education after teaching special education in a public school setting for many years.  I developed quite a following of readers on my Montessori blog, which was one of the first blogs devoted entirely to Montessori education.  Around the same time I started the Montessori blog, I decided to start a blog to document my family life at the time.  That blog still exists and you can find it HERE.  In 2011, I decided to leave my Montessori job and homeschool my two young sons.  At that time, I started a new blog to document our journey into homeschooling.  You can read that blog HERE.  To make a bit of extra money after quitting my full-time teaching job, I started an Etsy shop and making handmade items to sell.  I also started offering piano lessons, Kindermusik, and after-school and summer enrichment classes for children.  I created two new blogs to highlight those activities.......you can find those blogs HERE and HERE.

For quite a while I wasn't writing much on any blog, but recently I've wanted to start blogging again.  At this point in my life, however, I don't want to just write about homeschooling or Montessori education or any one specific topic.  Personally, I have a wide variety of interests which change periodically.  I would like to have the freedom to share my rambling thoughts and ideas in one place without the pressure of trying to make them fit an existing blog.  As I have thought about starting a new blog, I realized that what I really want out of this new space in the blogosphere is a place where I can document my eclectic interests and beliefs and my eccentricities.   To be sure that those words accurately describe what I want to do here, I decided to look up the definitions of each word. 

Eclectic: (adj.) deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

Eccentric: (adj.) unconventional and slightly strange

After looking up these definitions I thought, "Yep, that pretty much sums it up."  So I made up a new word, "Ecleccentricity", which combined these two adjectives and there you have it!  I had to think a bit to figure out how to spell this word, but I realized that since I made it up, I can spell it how I want!! 

So, if you are still reading this, please know that when you visit me here, you can expect to find posts as varied as "How to Bring Macrame Back" or "Hay-Time Switchel" or "What I Found Under the Couch Cushions Last Night".  If that sounds intriguing, exciting or interesting at all, please come back and stay awhile.  You never know what you'll find!!

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